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Could This be PEI’s Best South Shore Beach?

Family walking on PEI Red Sand Beaches

Entering Sunset Dunes, it quickly becomes apparent that you are in a special place as you pass by flower beds that welcome owners and visitors.  Carrying on, you are struck by the impressive homes and cottages along Campbell’s Way with their beautifully landscaped yards.  Many owners are fortunate enough to enjoy sunrises and sunsets over the water, as the community sits on a point of land extending southward into the Northumberland Strait. 

However, as impressive as those things are, it is only when you follow the path down to the beach that you realize what makes Sunset Dunes truly special.

It’s all about the beach!  

View of Confederation Bridge from PEI Beach
View of Confederation Bridge from Sunset Dunes

The beach faces directly west with views of the Confederation Bridge in the distance – thus the name “Sunset” Dunes.  The north end of the beach begins at the mouth of the Cape Traverse River where dunes have formed.  There’s a near-perfect sand bottom with almost no rocks along the 1.5km beach, until you approach the southern end of the point where picturesque red rock cliffs and a stony shoreline begin to dominate. 

What Makes A PEI South Shore Beach So Special?

View of South Shore Beach in PEI

Like all south shore beaches, the reddish sand is warmed by the sun, especially on exposed sandbars at low tide, which rises and falls far more dramatically than along the northern coast of the Island.   PEI’s South shore waters are considered the warmest salt water for swimming north of the Carolinas.  Sure, there are other great beaches along the south shore, like Chelton Beach Provincial Park between Borden and Summerside, but perhaps the best part of Sunset Dunes Beach is that there’s seldom anyone else on the beach even on sunny summer days. 

It’s like your own private oasis – that is, if you are a Sunset Dunes property owner.  You see, only members of the community and their guests have access to the beach from the community-owned common lands and paths to the shore.  Therefore, a case could be made for the perfect sand, sunsets, warmth, views, and privacy making Sunset Dunes Beach PEI’s best south shore beach.

Interested in learning how you can become part of the Sunset Dunes community? Visit our main page to view our current property listings:


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